Akel is a game engine made for fun by a young french man. Currently at an early stage, it is still in development and still needs some work to turn it into something. An editor (like Unity or UnrealEngine) is in development, facilitating the creation of games. However, it will be necessary to wait for some time until this one is sufficiently developed (as well as the engine itself) to make games easily. Akel is designed to be extremely easy to use. Not being the most powerful, it goes the way of simplicity of use, both on the editor side and on the code side.

A fully open source and free game engine

Akel is an MIT X11 licensed engine so it is entirely free and open source.

Thanks to this licence, your games are not subject to any obligations towards Akel or SpinWaves. No strings attached, no royalties, nothing, your games are yours (a small credit would still be nice :D ).

Everybody can contribute to its development by :

News and regular updates

In constant development, Akel gets new features and improvements very regularly. To keep up with its development, news is regularly published. There is both technical and general public news and it allows you to see the advances without knowing how to program.